Elias von Arx - Vocals/Guitar

Luka Wartmann - Keyboards/Vocals

Sam Schwalm - Drums

"Expiration Date" is the new track of HOT LIKE SUSHI which will be released on 17.01.2020. After they have already released an EP with 3 pre-singles and another single in 2019, they keep up the same pace in the new year. The creative output of the trio still seems to be booming. "Expiration Date" charms us with a 70's-inspired disco funk groove that gets even the laziest of butt cheeks twitching! Paired with the usual funky guitars, crisp synth basses and self-deprecating raps, the trio has remained true to itself.
Elias, Luka and Sam are no greenhorns in the music scene. All three of them have already played hundreds of shows and had chart, airplay and streaming successes in various formations. After meeting each other while studying music, they decided at the beginning of 2016 to join forces and do their own thing.

With their single trilogy from 2017, the three boys from Basel, Olten and Winterthur were able to attract great media attention, plenty of radio airplay and over 250,000 spotify streams. Nevertheless, they felt that they couldn't shake their booties as tightly with their own music as with their role models Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak or Prince. There could only be one solution: Our sushis got on a plane to Los Angeles to immerse themselves in the local music scene and soak up the west coast swag. Together with Platinum award winning producer Benny Steele they worked on their "SuperBling" EP, which was released in June. „Expiration Date" is the next stage of evolution for the three-piece and the motto this time was simple: More of everything!
Hot Like Sushi are considered an explosive live act. Once they are released upon the stage like a pack of peacocks gone wild, there's no going back. With danceable songs, singalong choruses,
virtuoso instrumental craziness and unexpected show interludes the boys captivate the audience. They could prove this at numerous concerts and festivals in Switzerland (Gurtenfestival, 8x15, BScene, OneFM Star Night, etc.) as well as at the MUSEXPO in Los Angeles or at showcases in London, where even the Daily Mirror described them as "The best thing to come out of Switzerland since Chocolate...".
Where does the trio go next? No one knows, but one thing is for sure: HOT LIKE SUSHI will continue to do everything in their power to make the tushies of this world tremble.