Elias von Arx - Vocals/Guitar

Luka Wartmann - Keyboards/Vocals

Sam Schwalm - Drums

HOT LIKE SUSHI still can't stop and deliver their third single in 2019!
"Send Nudes" is a love song to the internet, an ode to social media addiction, a statement from someone who has come to terms with the fact that things are not getting any better. The song is more laid back than its predecessors. An almost trap-like beat meets a snipped piano riff and funky single note guitars. Singer/guitarist Elias cheekily raps about his FB-YT-IG addiction. Meanwhile, keyboarder/vocalist Luka and drummer Sam are grooving along the way with an unwavering coolness. The music video for "Send Nudes" is the most ambitious of the band so far. 30 extras, a rotating camera, 1 shot and 56 changes in the room.

With their single trilogy last year, the three boys from Basel, Olten and Winterthur already managed to get great media attention, plenty of radio airplay and over 250,000 spotify streams for themselves. Nevertheless, they had the feeling that they couldn't shake their booties as hard with their own music as with their role models Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak and Prince. There could only be one solution: Our sushis got on a plane to Los Angeles to immerse themselves in the local music scene and soak up the West Coast Swag. Together with the Platinum-awarded producer Benny Steele they worked on their music until 5 songs were created, which can only be described as "Swag Pop".

Hot Like Sushi are considered an explosive live act. They were able to prove this in the last 2 years already at numerous concerts and festivals in Switzerland (Gurtenfestival, 8x15, BScene, OneFM Star Night, etc.) as well as again and again at showcases in London, where even the Daily Mirror described them as "The best thing to come out of Switzerland since Chocolate...".

Where does the trio go next? Only one thing is for sure: HOT LIKE SUSHI will continue to do everything in their power to make the tushies of this world shake.