Elias von Arx - Vocals/Guitar

Luka Wartmann - Keyboards/Vocals

Sam Schwalm - Drums

HOT LIKE SUSHI are a three-piece band consisting of drums: Sam Schwalm, Keys: Luka Corman and singer/songwriter and guitarist: Elias Von Arx, who is also the brainchild behind the band’s existence.


Von Arx formed his first band ‘Rag Dolls’ when he was 14 and continuously orchestrated the bands rise within the music scene by writing and performing cleverly structured songs with a pop infused indie-rock sound. The energy Rag Dolls created in their live performances seemed to strike a chord with their ever growing fan-base. This led to over 220 shows, several victories at bandcontests and the release of an EP which gained high media presence and frequent airplay. After 7 years they decided to end the band. With an even stronger desire to achieve his dream, Elias reevaluated his options.


Having made a lot of good connections over the last few years, he didn’t have to look too far. With the crème de la crème at his fingertips, Elias started to arrange the new line-up adding a new dynamic in the form of keyboardist/producer Luka Corman.

Luka himself gained a lot of experience by performing with several bands, such as Reding Street and Kapoolas. He also received quite some attention with his very own electronic live-project Multisonic. Luka is a very skilled producer and turned out to be the perfect person to realize all of Elias‘ crazy ideas.


But what‘s a great band without a great drummer? Next in line was Sam Schwalm. Known for his energetic but rock solid less-is-more-but-anything-is-possible style of drumming and having contributed to more projects than any one person can count, Sam was deemed to be more than worthy.




Songs were being written, demos recorded, first gigs played. With only a few months together as a band the chemistry between all three members is already very strong. Each of them contributes to the sound in their own way. Their music is synthy, guitary power-magic pop-rock. Stadium indie. Sounds good.


HOT LIKE SUSHI is here. Join the frenzy.